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European Diesel and Gasoil Benchmarks


General Index seeks feedback on European Diesel, Gasoil benchmarks

General Index is seeking feedback on whether Europe’s diesel 10ppm and gasoil 0.1% benchmarks should evolve to reflect the impact of disrupted Russian distillate trade flows.

General Index uses the industry standard MOC methodology for its diesel and gasoil prices. We understand a two-tier market has emerged between those willing vs unwilling to trade Russian origin, challenging the benchmark status quo which reflects any origins meeting standard specifications. So General Index is consulting with the industry to assess if further methodology changes are necessary to reflect the new contours in the market.

  • To what extent is Russian diesel and gasoil becoming unmerchantable in NWE/MED?
  • Should diesel and gasoil benchmarks move to reflect non-Russian origin?
  • Should diesel and gasoil cargo benchmarks incorporate larger-sized deliveries to capture alternative import flows?

Please send any comments to, with a Cc: to (David Elward, Senior Pricing Analyst).

Unless anonymity is requested, General Index publishes responses to any proposed methodology changes at  

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